My name is Nick LaPole. I very much appreciate you visiting this page and apologize for any navigational inconvenience. I am trying my best to divest and 'invest' where it counts, so expect something... ugly. 11/10/21

I suppose, if there were a dilemma to address in the making of this page, it is the dilemma of presentness, specifically presentness in the context of an online format that priviledges both past and future. Past in that the webpage is a written record of previous activity (and an argument for consistency and meaning within said activity). Future in that this is a site that is intended for new developments that fall in lock-step with my previous work (for the most part).It is another entity that will grow alongside me... yet will, inevitably, fall out of step with me! Sure, you see my work then, which alludes to work to come, but neither speak to me presently. 11/11/21